How to send us your work-

Write it to us on our email

Make sure it does not contain any grammatical errors, attach the photo or artwork to the email itself. Please send separate emails for different submissions.

If you want you could also send us an author’s photo to accompany the story.

Make sure your work is original.Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

The subject of your email should contain authors name and the category of your submission.

If you want to feature your site, attach the link of the same in the mail.

If your prose work is long you should divide it into distinct, easily readable paragraphs.

Word limit is 1500 words per submission.

Timings- Anytime all year round.

Who can submit- Anyone.

What can you write about- Just about anything.

Individual feedback is not possible, we will mail you once your article is posted online.

Anonymous submissions are welcome.

If you wish your article to be an anonymous submission mention it in the email.

All writers will retain the rights to reproduce the work is any form.


22 thoughts on “Submissions

  1. Stephy83 says:

    Such a great blog! As mentioned, Ill come up with something to submit, I don’t want to miss being part of something this beautiful.

    x x


  2. writing, writing, words words words. says:

    I like your blog very, very much. I am a fan of Sylvia’s and also Anne Sexton. She is one of my biggest influences. I just posted a poem of hers (Anne) on my blog under Poems I Love. I’m really glad to find your blog. Thank you!


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