Tanvi Kusum


Here is another one of my stupid attempts.
Yeah I still don’t know how to draw well, but the ideas I want to put on paper wouldn’t let me leave them for measly reasons like wacky proportions.

This is called ‘smoky dreams’ and the bubbles are supposed to be smoky maybe showing loss of childhood? I don’t know, it is open to interpretation. Just like everything else in life.


Alexander Petrov

We are loving this stunning adaptation of Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway, beautiful paintings on every frame.

The book represents the forever battle between youth and experience.

Must watch!

Tanvi Kusum


So I can’t draw for my life but I thought this was something I wanted to put on paper.
How I feel when I see great art, it smudges and blurs into a one big colour drama, enveloping my black and white morose self, while parts of me decide to meld into the beautiful painting.

Same which soul touching literature.

You can find more by this author on- https://tanvikusum.wordpress.com/

 Image drawn by author herself.

Carrie Viscome Skinner

Two Poets


I cannot weep
for the majesty of
their words –
they wrote them in
earnest upon the
wrinkled pain
of their souls
climbed their hills
in green and blue
pumps, stockings clipped
at their thighs
skirts hanging limp
from their hips singing
into the waves of
caressed sentences
they wove like starlight
over our hearts.
I will not weep
for their ended lives
clutched within the pages
of a selected poem.
I will make them pay
for their inspiration with
words of my own.

You can find more by this author on- http://faeriearth.wordpress.com

(Image by author)

Sneha Sood


No matter how different we might be from each other we are all beautiful in our own ways which sometimes no one but ourselves understand.

That doesn’t mean we have to go and let the darkness and sadness engulf us.

This very thing about  people not understanding us should make our resolve stronger about MAKING them understand us.

So let’s raise our voices and let the minority be heard now.

Everyone needs only a sliver of light to shine.