Tanvi Kusum

Dear Sylvia,

Today I was thinking how easy it is to hurt, and how sometimes it is something we cannot escape. There is some dirt we have to bear on our soul no matter how perfectly we try to polish it.

If someone loves me and I don’t love them the answer is just a jerk and a quip at life being unfair. It hurts to break someone’s heart but it doesn’t hurt hurt. It is so easy to walk away it is almost scary. You have such immense power over somebody but you never give them credit for it. The rational in you is at its best reasonings. Anything could make you walk away when you really want to run.

But when tables turn and you are pining, your piercing eyes wonder how the other can’t see? Can’t he see here I am twisting and turning waiting to be recognised? Waiting to give my all in two seconds? WHY can’t he see the beginnings of the great love I do?

How can we forget the wounds of the previous and go on so easily imprinting it on the one who loves us? Is there any way to not be the inflictor? When you shelter yourself do the sharp edges of the cages only bruise your heart even more?

How does one come out of this without a trail of tears?