Tanvi Kusum

tough girl,
i love how your hair curls
metal circles of carbon dreams,
dear, I want to see whats inside,
behind that mechanised smile.
I don’t know why you seem like sand,
the castle so delicate,
we’ve built you with rashed hands and pain,
 a finger here and a finger there,
i’ll find the right place to break you,
tough girl,
it’s okay,
no one can break you after i’m done,
have you ever heard of anyone crushing sand?
it’s true, man eaters aren’t left with any men.

4 thoughts on “Tanvi Kusum

    • tanvikusum says:

      Haha wasn’t meant to be feminist, but I guess since I am a girl it slips in all my writing. Man eater because she is one, you know the kind of girls who’d make you want them but are confused enough to leave you. It is just a poem about them!


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