Tanvi Kusum

You handed me thorns 
And I gladly pushed them into my body,
You were marking your territory, maps on my cells
Killing them one by one,
Flags of your ownership, and my loss,
And I couldn’t feel a thing against my pounding heart. 
I knew you were wrong, I knew you were wrong,
I was in love you know,
Especially with the idea of you inside my head.
Hopelessly romantic, pathetically stupid,

Your neck against mine, caressing softly,
I forgot about the smoke filled room, 
and my hate for cigarattes.
I see it all, it doesn’t blur, 
But I’m so dizzy in love, it feels so good. 
Make me believe in you, tell me I’m beautiful, 
Tell me your lies and things about stars,
And I’ll gladly become the fool, 
Because oh, it feels so good to be loved.