Himanshu Bhatnagar

The Feast

Sometimes I’ve already written what I can’t write today…..

Tear me apart, limb from limb

You all can have your share….

I looked for love, found hunger; but

That’s neither here nor there.

Eat of my flesh, don’t hesitate

I’m sure it’s to your taste

Clean each fibre off each white bone

Don’t let any go waste

Peck harder to reach my entrails

My liver, lungs, my heart

Savor my organs, bathed in blood

Eat savage, ‘tis no art.

Poke out my eyes, chew on my tongue

Smash in my skull to see

My brain splatter and realize,

There’s no eternity.

You can find more by this author on- https://hbhatnagar.wordpress.com/2015/05/02/the-feast-a-self-repost/