H. Bhatnagar


The evening shadow curls around

Enveloping me without a sound

I close my eyes and let it seep

Through my chest and in so deep

Slowing my heart to pulses low

Till scarcely can I feel it flow

The bitter ice then cools my throat

In numbness I find myself afloat

The darkening haze then hides from view

Though just for seconds, precious few

All the world I will not see

Space condenses to only me…..

A fiery smoke ignites my breath

in such hours I am fond of death

I call it to take me away

Like believers to gods pray

Just take this hurt, this pain, this strife

This ache, this blood, this breath, this life.

I beg, cajole, and urge, and plead

I cry for what I sorely need

But like your god, death insensate

ignores and leaves me to my fate

Fate, that laughing, taunting beast

When needed most, provides the least

Sees me fall, hovers above

Lets loose its demons, hope and love

And as they chew on me, I cry

“You’ve had your fill! Now let me die!”

But they will not hear my plea

They like the taste too much you see

So they leave me lying here

A wreck for which no one would care

And go as I call out in vain

Tomorrow they will feast again.

You can find more by this author on- https://hbhatnagar.wordpress.com


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