Tanvi Kusum

Dear Sylvia,

I am quite new to the art of letter writing but I do believe that some things would have been better said through this medium. The art of sending another human words  has shrunk to text messaging, and the sentences are getting shorter and shorter. Some things we are forgetting to say, simply because we don’t know how to say them.

Today, I wanted to write to you about love. Really, what is it about the affection of another person can we just cannot resist? Being strong, independent. happy, but one day a guy strolls in and there you are, trying to win him. What is it about love that we all search for it, and no matter how hard we try, it envelops us in it’s saccharine goodness and kills us slowly.

It attracts everyone of us, and we give in, at the moment or gradually. It makes us stupid and makes us question our decision. It makes us forget ourselves as we struggle to agree we what the other person likes, and it does this all without us knowing! How do you hold your own and fall in love, how do you say, this is me and I love She’s The Man, and it doesn’t matter that you hate it, maybe we aren’t right for each other?

I know there is supposed to be this ONE PERFECT PERSON, but really what about the long intervals he isn’t present in my life. Are we supposed to wait, but waiting hurts. We fill our lives with unimportant amusements to take our mind away from love, and when it actually knocks on out door, it has been so long that we’ve forgotten what true love was.

Why does love make me want to feel accepted, when the only thing is desire is being free?



2 thoughts on “Tanvi Kusum

  1. hbhatnagar says:

    M Scott Peck calls love the temporary falling down of our “ego boundaries”. When our and the person we love’s desires merge into one, for however brief a moment. But the boundaries come up again, sooner or later. Thus passes the first flush of love.
    Waiting for the one perfect person,I’ve come to believe no such thing exists. Or maybe it does, for some lucky persons. The world’s a Bell curve after all, some of us are bound to be on the luckiest end of the spectrum…..


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