Tate Viviano


Dreams in a Forest

In the forest the lonely crow caws.

It’s voice echoes in the silence.

I am the only one who hears it’s call.

As I sit next to my fire trying to stay warm.

I hear the foreboding in it’s shrill voice.

I know that loneliness.

I look around searching for the silhouette

of another lost soul.

But I find nothing.

In the forest I hear the yelp of the hungry fox.

I hear the weariness in it’s sobbing.

It’s sly ways have got it nowhere.

I hear the soft pats of its footfall.

I see its shadowy form approaching my pitiful food stores.

I break off what I can spare for the wretched beast.

It’s better to have company on these dark nights.

I hear the crash of a falling tree.

The fox runs in fright.

I am alone again.

I walk to the sight of the dead elder.

I need it’s corpse to keep my fire going.

I threw it’s legs upon the flames and they rose in triumph.

“From ash you came to ash you shall become!” I hear in the crackle of burning wood.

I stay next to the warmth until the sand man takes me away.

In my dreams I see a phantom.

It is blacker than the night I just left.

It follows me as I walk threw the forest of dreams.

I see my companions the Crow and the Fox.

They lay in the belly of a giant ash tree.

The phantom approaches us and beckons me to follow it.

It shows me a scene I’ve seen before.

We walk to a hole six feet deep.

At the bottom there is a door.

It hands me a key and says ” The time has come to leave this place.”

As I put the key into the whole I hear the tumblers fall.

The door begins to creek open and I see…

I see the smoldering remains of my fire in a forest.

I put my bread crust into my pocket and I journey on.

Still haunted by this dream.

When will that time come?

When will I finally see what lies behind the door?

The crow perched on the branch of an ash tree calls out.

“Not yet my friend.”

And I walk on.

You can find more by this author on- https://tateviviano.wordpress.com/

(Photo contributed by author himself)


5 thoughts on “Tate Viviano

    • tateviviano says:

      Well they both are symbols of different parts of my psyche. The Crow represents a darker side of myself that desires to fly away from others and be a solitary creature. But as you can see in the poem the crow spends it’s night crying out in anguish from loneliness. Which is something I have experienced in my life from pushing others away. The fox represents the side of me that is sly and tactful. But as you can see in the poem the fox got nowhere with it’s trickery which is true of my own life. I’m glad you enjoyed the poem thank you so much for reading it!

      Liked by 1 person

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